Key to Accomplishment - 3 Tasks / Day

Working on personal projects is not easy to handle if you do not have responsibility to 3rd parties unlike your day-job, such as your boss. Completing and advancing with your milestones is related to nothing but your personal commitment only, which arises the question of ‘how responsible are you when you have no-one to measure your performance?’

There are multiple approaches to solve that problem but the one that I have been recently practicing – and also getting an incredibly positive output – is the 3 tasks-per-day method.

Here is how it works:

Before you go to bed at each night determine 3 different tasks/to-do’s that you have to accomplish the next day. It is more like “Goal Setting” but with short-term. The important thing is that I take my list with me all the time so it reminds me of my goals for the day. Next night I make sure that I do not go to sleep before I put a “tick” next to each task and plan the next day.

It is not as simple as it sounds as you need to determine 3 different goals for the next day and I believe you may quit on the 3rd try unless you are multitasking with multiple projects at the same time with lots of milestones and to-do’s!