A Fitbit Customer Support Experience

I do not normally write or leave comments about my experiences on a product but this time I feel like I need to.

Last week after having an issue with the charging cable of my Fitbit Charge HR device I decided to contact customer support via chat option and briefly explained my situation. I was immediately informed that I would get a replacement. So far good, and an expected level of service from Customer Support Representative (CSR):[1]

Me: The cable seems to be not working. I have tried using a charger from a friend of mine and it's fine. So the product is in good condition. Only the USB cable seems to have an issue. Could you please let me know how I can get a replacement?

CSR: Having you not only as a customer to us but as already part of the growing Fitbit family, I am more than Happy to replace your Charge HR charging cable.

It is nice to know you will be getting a replacement without any hassle and just under 2 minutes. However what fascinated me was how the conversation went on once I passed through all the contact/delivery details for the replacement.

CSR: Please let me know if you have any other concerns and or question in mind I am here to help with all of what I can.

Me: Thanks, John - My only concern is that I wouldn't be able to use my Charge HR until I receive the new cable :) The battery will die in 2 days :)

CSR: Oh, No worries Koray, I will be processing the order in expedited shipping for your convenience.

At this point I am certain that the delivery will take around a week and I have no expectations for the expedited shipping. In the end, it would be a bit optimistic to expect getting it in less than 2 days.
So I'm expecting the battery of my Fitbit to die in 2 days and I will start re-using it once I get the replacement cable.

That didn't happen.

I received my shipment in exactly 2 days, long before the battery of my Charge HR died. Amazing!

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  1. Parts in the conversation and the name of the customer support representative were redacted or removed. ↩︎