Avoiding Distraction

Distraction comes in different forms. It’s basically anything that prevents you from giving your attention to a certain task, any kind of diversion. It has been my worst enemy lately, especially as I work intense during the day and I would like to do as much things as possible when I’m not working - reading, studying or chilling. This requires me to fully focus on the task I’m working on, during the day or even after the day. I’m experimenting a few approaches at the moment:

No Apps, No Games
I removed all unnecessary apps from my mobile phone. I don’t have any news applications or games. I removed Facebook, Twitter and all other social media apps as well. I’m keeping WhatsApp for communication purposes only.

No Push, No Fetch
I check my personal emails only when I need to. I have been the kind of person who replies to his emails as quick as possible, but I don’t do that anymore with my personal account. I now open the Mail app and manually retrieve the mails only a couple of times a day. I realize that I have become an email-addict and this is a great way to avoid distractions.

No Notifications
Incoming SMS, call or WhatsApp message? I don’t see it for hours sometimes. I’ve created a custom vibration on my iPhone which will buzz 2 times rapidly, and that’s all. You can do it from Settings -> Sounds -> Sounds and Vibration Patterns on iPhone.

Scheduling Errands
Calling a restaurant, scheduling a repairman visit, posting documents to someone, sending an important email to a friend. It’s also crucial when I schedule these kind of important but not urgent tasks. I either schedule them to 12:30pm during lunch time or after 7pm until 9pm when I leave the work.