Experiencing Speed Reading

Does speed reading work?
That has been the question I have been wondering for a while now, and after doing some research on techniques that people use, I came up with a basic understanding of it and have been practicing on a daily basis lately.

Short answer is: yes, it usually works.

It is quite amazing to see it actually working and although it has its limitations, I still think that it is a must-have skill.

Basically it is about not reading each word in a text but rather skimming through the content. It is interesting to notice that I was literally reading each word by hearing my own voice in my head. You need to stop this - a.k.a vocalization. Instead, try focusing on the blocks of text - like taking a quick snapshot. First focus on 2 words at a time, next the whole sentence as you get familiar with it.

One good thing about is that you have much more content that you can digest every day. More articles, more magazines, more blogs. This is amazing.

On the other hand this does not work if it's a technical text, or some topic that you need to focus on to learn - for example when studying. This is why it usually works, except in those cases.

Nevertheless, I strongly believe that one should get familiar with speed reading and practice it on a daily basis. It reduces the amount of time you spend on low-to-medium priority reading.