Moving From Being Efficient to Effective

I have been reading one of the most popular books in this decade recently - Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He is a great author passing on his thoughts in very solid and reasonable explanations. One should read this book not as a novel or fiction, but very slowly, by digesting every section and not moving on to the next chapter until he or she is confident that the habit is persistent after practicing it for a while.

I am working on Habit 3 - Put First Things First, and until now I would have to say it has been very successful in terms of making myself a more effective person.

Rather than being efficient and losing yourself in Quadrant I[1] urgent & important tasks, I am trying to give my focus onto Quadrant II tasks, where you make weekly plans that are driven by your personal statement. Your personal statement determines your ultimate goal, your values.

  • Briefly, on every Sunday evening (or early on Monday) I determine the most important tasks I have to accomplish that week, divided into different categories that are identified by my different roles.

  • Instead of assigning specific tasks to specific days and times I am a bit more flexible. Therefore my tasks do not drive me, but I.

  • I review my weekly plan every day to see my current progress.

The results are significant so far, I will be moving on to the next chapter very soon. I'm curious about the effects of next habit!

  1. Covey's Four Quadrants: ↩︎