Start Writing Daily – The Reasons

I have spent my last 6 months away from technology and all kind of daily routines and life that I had got used to due to my compulsory military service that I had decided to complete. I had chance to read lots of books on different subjects and in the meantime I started a daily-log to track the whole progress during this period. So I wrote 1 or 2 pages per day where I mentioned my observations and thoughts on various events or facts. It was like developing a new habit – to write at least a few words each day, and looking back now I can say that this new habit has impressive pro’s that can be listed as:

  • Recording a feeling or thought makes you remember that moment in the future. That ‘time’ is not any minute or hour that just passes-by in your life anymore but as I read my previous entries I remember almost exactly where I was, how I felt and what I had observed at that very moment.
  • It is really incredible how your perspective might change on a subject within just a few months and it lets you criticize yourself on your previous decisions – whether they were right or wrong. You realize the actual reasons you make your decisions, which is very valuable.
  • You get better at writing each day. That is a fact and writing is a valuable skill.
  • And of course you could use them in the future once you decide to write your own memoir, maybe :)