Stop Drifting

Human nature depends fundamentally on laziness. This is mentioned in a number of books or articles recently, including the famous The Chimp Paradox, Thinking Fast and Slow or The Power of Habit. I would like to re-emphasize that our brain tends to spend as less energy as possible during the day, trying to create habits through our daily actions and then give the control to the intuitive System 1. How Does It Work? This is very powerful and the reason we human beings stay sane despite having an overdose of…

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Reading Fiction and Expanding Circles

It had been quite a while since I last read a novel; I recall it was my late university years. Although I didn't take any decision not to do so, it was probably a consequence of starting the work life and noticing I had so many other things to read - especially on Computer Science and Personal/Career Development topics. I needed to stay in the "real world". Well, I said it had been a while, because all of a sudden, due to a reason which my memory…

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Reminder - Motivation in 3 mins

I periodically watch Richard St John's video on Success - once every few months to keep myself motivated.…

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