SMTP Relaying Outgoing Mail in Postfix - using Webmin

Configuring your Email Server for incoming/outgoing mails is not a big deal but it causes some serious issues on the other hand. Some popular email services will flag your mails as spam (only if you're lucky - they might completely block them too) as they are not familiar with your host and you might need to contact them to add your address to their whitelist. Therefore long ago I had decided to use Google Apps for my domain and use Gmail SMTP to support my email service. I have…

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Send Email – Authentication Error using Net::SMTP::SSL

I have been creating a simple monitoring tool for my server at home using Perl and during that process I have come up with an error occured while I was trying to send email using Secure SMTP via Google Mail although all the account information was correct and the code appeared to be OK: if (not $smtp = Net::SMTP::SSL->new('', Port => 465, Debug => 1)) die "Server Connection Error"; $smtp->auth(" [account login] ", " [ account password ] ") || die "…

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