Charts are a Nightmare

I have been complaining a lot about UX lately, but I have all the reason for this one. Whenever I see graphical representation of any data, I feel disappointed. The reason: Color Blindness. 8% of people in the world have a type of color blindness[1], which gives you a statistic like this as of 2017: Around 280 million internet users out of 3.5 billion are suffering from color blindness worldwide. This is a huge number, yet it is very uncommon to see graphical content or charts that are…

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The Wrong Minimalism - Contrast Rates

As the technology and usage of the internet is evolving around our daily lives, web sites' main purpose also shifts considerably from "what" you are representing to "how" instead. Importance of User Experience is now significant, which usually determines users' bounce rate and the total amount they spend on a website. If a content is presented in a slick, minimalist design and smooth colors, we tend have a positive feeling about it. Then comes the quality of the content. In an era like this I find…

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Serving Node.js on Apache

Ghost runs with Node.js but I can't dedicate my port 80 to it completely. I run Apache to serve a number of other HTTP requests as well, so the best solution is to run Node.js on a different port and forward HTTP 80 from Apache to it. A simple directive modification will be sufficient. Open your sites configuration file and insert the following proxy directives: DocumentRoot /home/www/ ServerName koray.me ServerAlias koray.me ... ProxyRequests off Order deny,allow Allow from all ProxyPass http://localhost:3000/ ProxyPassReverse http:…

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