Task Management with Google Calendar

Lots of articles on productivity emphasis the importance of leaving the habit of multi-tasking and instead focusing on a single task at a moment. Although it will increase the quality of our work it has become practically impossible to do so. I have tried almost all popular to-do apps and I can honestly say that none of them worked as expected for me. I always kept ignoring or postponing them. Well, not anymore.

What I have recently been practicing is what I can call "calendar tasks" method. I am the organized kind of person who labels all items and I make sure that I read all my emails so I do not see the disturbing unread mail indicator on top of the Mail app. If you are one of me then this method is for you.

How It Works?

Start using Google Calendar to plan your tasks or events and update Google Calendar's settings to set a default reminder of "email an hour before". It will now automatically send you an email for every event unless you choose another alert setting. Once you receive the email for a particular event - or namely a task - do not delete it until you have completed it.

Using that technique I have to see the unread item count in my email apps each time I use my phone or computer and just to dismiss that I try to complete all the tasks as soon as possible!